October 12, 2016


Stanton Town & Country TV (STaC-Tv) offers a GREAT TV viewing experience with 241 select channels, 150 channels in HD and 50 music channels, and it is available to customers throughout our exchange, including those in the country.

With STaC – Tv, you can choose the right package of entertainment, for you and your family. Want more entertainment? Add on to your package by choosing a Premium Package, such as HBO, STARZ, Cinemax, or Showtime & TMC. If you love music, our 50 music channels are included for free in all of our packages for your listening pleasure. Plus, a whole lot more!!

Each TV will need a Set-Top Box (STB). The first STB will be at NO CHARGE, each additional STB will be $4.95/month.
Initial installation cost include $29.95 per TV for setting up each STB.

Call us to learn more about free installation for up to 3 TVs!

Basic Package
$43.95 a month

41 Channels with 22 in HD, including local channels from Lincoln, Omaha & Sioux City.

Includes additional 50 music channels

Full Channel Lineup

Enhanced Package
$83.95 a month

109 Channels with 87 channels in HD. Including, sports, movie, kids and classic channels for your viewing.

Includes Basic Package

Full Channel Lineup

Ultra Package
$99.95 a month

150 Channels with 115 channels in HD. Greatest entertainment available.

Includes Basic and Enhanced Packages

Full Channel Lineup

Premium Channels
such as HBO & Cinemax

Choose from 4 sets of premium channels or take them all!!

Full Channel Lineup

Hispanic Channels
$7.95 a month

Telemundo, Discovery Familia – HD, Fox Deportes, ESPN Desportes – HD, Discovery en Español – HD & History en Español

Full Channel Lineup

Music Channels
FREE with any package

Tune into our 50 music channels for more great entertainment!

Full Channel Lineup

Music channels are included free when you sign up for STaC-Tv, regardless of package tier.

With STaC – Tv, you can record, pause or restart your favorite movies or shows. Get all your up-to-the-minute weather with an “on screen” local weather radar and all the local weather information you need.

Take control with Whole-Home Cloud DVR recording!

$6.95 – 20 + Hours of HD Recording – 100 GB
(ability to simultaneously record 2 shows)
$8.95 – 50 + Hours of HD Recording – 250 GB
(ability to simultaneously record 5 shows)
$10.95 – 100 + Hours of HD Recording – 500 GB
(ability to simultaneously record 8 shows)

Click here to view how the Whole-Home Cloud DVR works

Go to our feature page to see more about the awesome features available with STaC–Tv.

Give us a call at 402-439-5000 or email info@stanton.net for more information!

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