August 31, 2016


What is STaC-Tv?

STaC-Tv stands for Stanton Town & Country Television.

How does STaC-Tv work?

The technology used for STaC-Tv is known as Internet Protocol TV (IPTV). It’s a digital technology that offers state-of-the-art, crystal clear audio & video services.

How long have you offered STaC-Tv?

We’ve looked at providing an IPTV service ever since we buried fiber optic cables throughout the Stanton Telecom telephone exchange in 2010 & 2011. It was too expensive to provide IPTV early on, but prices have since come down to more affordable levels.

Why are you offering this new television service?

The primary reason we’ll be offering this service is because the cable tv system in Stanton was built in 1981 and the technology is old and out dated. We’re at full channel capacity and customers have dropped our service because they couldn’t have the channels they wanted and record programming to DVRs. With STaC-Tv we’ll be offering the latest in technology AND the service will be available to people who live in town and outside of the Stanton city limits.

Is it similar to Cable TV of Stanton service?

Yes, similar service but the television picture will be vastly improved because of new, digital technology and we’ll be able to offer a multitude of channels.

How many more channels will be available?

Customers will be able to view dozens more channels. There will be 240 channels and 148 of those will be in HD.

Is there equipment needed at customer’s homes?

Yes, each TV set will need to have a set-top box to receive the television signals for that particular television.

How much will the set-top box cost?

Each customer will receive one set-top box free of charge and additional set-top boxes will have a small monthly charge.

Will we be able to record programming?

Yes! We’ll be offering Cloud DVR service where you’ll be able to record programming and store it in the cloud (which is a server located in our office) for future playback. Using cloud storage for programming means customers won’t have to worry about home DVRs that could lose programming when they malfunction. Plus with cloud storage, you can replay programming at any television in your home instead one television where a DVR is located.

Will STaC-Tv be priced the same as Cable TV of Stanton rates?

Pricing for STaC-Tv will be priced slightly higher than Cable TV of Stanton because there will be many more channels. Additionally, there will be features like restart TV where you can restart a program if the program you tuned to has already started, instant weather where you can pull up color radar on your television screen with the press of a button, parental controls, and other high-tech features.

When will STaC-Tv be available?

STaC-Tv is currently available. Call our office or stop by to sign up.